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User comments are difficult to add on the app. "Post your comment" button is difficult to click.

A bad app got worse

I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years. Went all digital a few years back and was happy with the prior sub par app. Now the new app is unusable. You can’t close out of photos, every time the app opens if you touch anything the top story opens. The sections don’t always open, and sometimes it’s just crashes. Most days I just skip it because it’s so bad

Keeps making me update my user info

Since the last update everyday we have to re-enter our user information. We are subscribers and should not have to do this every day. Very annoying! Fix it please.

Great app

Stupid people should not write reviews, it’s a great app always has been.

Big improvement

This app has improved as of late. I like the layout and the convenience of local and national news at my fingertips.

So disappointing

The worst newspaper or magazine interface I have ever seen. Big step backwards from prior version. Navigation is awful. Article redundancy is very annoying. Had to switch to using Feedly, an RSS reader, to read your paper.


Font is too big. Have to scroll down, before articles were at glance. Crashes a lot! Too sensitive when scrolling down. I canceled my subscription. Awful app!

Too much scrolling

Can’t see all topics at a glance anymore. I’ll use the app less. Signs me out randomly every week or two.

App keeps crashing.

I was trying to read a story today, but on my iPhone X the app was continually crashing today. I’m a paid subscriber, too. Call me disappointed.

Works for Me

I’m reading on an iPad. I have a digital subscription. It works: nothing is broken that I have found. It’s simple, clean, well organized, searchable, and easy to read.

Fix or Go Back

I don’t like the new app. It’s difficult to navigate and doesn’t work as well as the previous app. Also, you can’t scroll through the obits, you must return the list to select the next in line to view. In this case, new doesn’t mean improved.

Worse than the first

I had to use the first app because they couldn’t get an actual paper delivered in a timely manner. It was clunky, but didn’t crash every day! I get picture freeze some times on the first article I read, but generally I can not get through the whole paper without it freezing on a picture. Horrible app for something you have to continually have to pay for! Get it fixed! Long time subscriber


Bring back the old app.

Worse than last version

The obituaries have completely been ruined-whack!

Too bad...

I grew up in Minnesota but live in the east coast now. I thought it would be a good way to keep up with the great state that I miss so much. Now they want $14.99 a month to use it. It’s a shame......

Commenting feature does not work

It is impossible to register a username as a commenter - the system appears to be broken. The app itself is very buggy - you tap on articles/buttons and it takes multiple tries for it to register. No improvement over the previous version, which I uninstalled because it was impossible to use.

Version 2.0.2

This version locks up and crashes as soon as the ad is loaded on the main page. Quickly scroll down before the ad loads, you can read until you accidentally display the ad. I am a paid subscriber. Update to Version 2.0.4 The lock up issue seems to be resolved.

Lose the comments

It’s my local and first source of news. Lose the comments. It distracts from the actual news. If the trolls or people who want to sprinkle fairy dust on a story need to say something, let them write to the opinion section. It distracts from the story, leaving a reader feeling righteous or vindictive and there is no dialogue. Otherwise thanks!

You fixed it!

2.0.4 is a pleasure to use. Stories are easy to find; news sections are divided up nicely among news stories & columnists. The updated variety section is a delight. AND I can share stories successfully with my Facebook Friends. Thanks!

Type too large

Viewed on my iPad Pro and my regular iPad, the font is way too large on both the headlines in the body text. It makes me wonder if your developers have ever heard of responsive design. Please update.

Great new app

I like the new application. Easy to scroll around and read.

Buggy. Crashes. Not ready for prime time.

Management must have pushed the developers to release this too soon. I can't even get through a paragraph of an article before it crashes. New interface is no better than the old, no easier to use. And why isn't consistent with the printed paper? Different headlines, photos, etc.

Disappointed AGAIN

I can’t believe they can release an app with such a poor user experience. Don’t care to waste my time going into all the details. I always want to give the paper I grew up with a chance and all they do is disappoint.

Still bad after all these years

The old app was awful. The new app is awful too, just in different ways. There are two major problems. One is that it is way too sensitive to touch. When you are scrolling through the screen it takes you to articles that you happened to lightly press on when scrolling. You have to keep your touches to the narrow margins on the sides if you don’t want the app to open up articles. That is not practical. The second problem, and the bigger one, is related to the first. If you happen to touch a photo when scrolling, it opens the photo up and then you can’t close it. The only way to get out is to force quit the app and start all over again. These are problems that any minimum amount of testing should have caught. Another issue just came to mind. Having no photos in the obituary section is a huge step back. I look first at the photos, not the names. I don’t even bother looking at that section now.

New Star Tribune App

Not impressed with Comics page - only given three comics to view. I was unable to advance to other comics. Much prefer the Washington Post App.

Improved and do not avoid at all cost

I have a subscription for the newspaper and also for internet,the new software does not work🤬for get it . So long. It was fixed over the weekend and really works now.

The app keeps dropping me

The app keeps dropping me when I’m in the middle of reading an article. It completely kicks me out of the app. No matter which article I read and it’s pissing me off. So, now I’m just using the Fox 9 app.

V 2.03 crashes

The latest version of this app freezes immediately on opening on my iPad Pro then crashes. Works OK on iPhone 7

Crashes Constantly

New app crashes constantly on iPad even after “fix”.

Bad release

Tried it today ( 5/28/18)...doesn’t rotate on my iPad Air and crashes and can’t load articles...why was this released? And btw, I am a paid excuses for this...was this tested?

Bad update

This new app crashes more than it doesn’t. Jst stick,with,the old one which is not a great one but gives me the highlights before my print edition arrives.

Didn’t believe the app could get worse.

I downloaded the new app (May 2018) and find it even more clunky and convoluted than the previous app. I want easier access to articles and not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page. I’ll be getting rid of this new version and sticking with the old one until I’m forced to use this ill conceived poorly formatted app. Hopefully by that point your developers will get there heads on straight and fix this garbage.

Layout and too many bugs.

Not an easy layout to find articles. Locks up when you open an article or photo and you can’t exit.

Huge improvement

Wow, this is a hug improvement. The old app was nearly worthless, so it not hard for it to be better, but still this app draws the best aspects from other news apps. I read newspapers on an iPad for probably at least an hour a day, and I say this app is very good. Nice job. It’s a huge relief to be done with the old crappy app.

Miss last version

Non intuitive and repetitive stories. Worst of all, I am no longer able to select and look up words and phrases. Previous version worked very well.

This update is slow!

The new update is slow and freezes up a lot. The old app worked much better. Hopefully they will improve the app.

Great app

Of course you’re going to have to pay for is the company going to make money? The biggest revenue stream for NYT is digital subscriptions. This is real, genuine news.

Hate the new app for iPad

I really dislike the format of the new app on my iPad. I much preferred the previous style with the sections down the right hand side and the general mix I could see on the first page. I’m trying to get used to it but am considering dropping my subscription. Stop fixing things that aren’t broken.


Lacks save-as-favorite/ read-later option. Lacks search. Lacks link to customer service (for when your Sunday paper's not delivered). Not up to the Strib's usual high standards. Note, this review is about the version in place before the 5/22/18 upgrade announcement.

Made less useful

From the last version they’ve added dead space and ads. Those who read the news want news, not pretty white space and intrusive ads. Go back to what you had before!

Bring back the old app

The new app is a big step backwards. Useful navigation tools are gone.


The new update worked fine for the first few days and is now consistently crashing immediately upon opening. I updated my iOS and that had no effect. I am not crazy about the new interface and miss the sections similar to print version. At this point, I would just be happy to be able to read the paper.

App issues

App issues in all our Apple products. Removed ; reinstalled same issues

Freezes up

Worked just okay. Now totally useless as it freezes up all the time.

New app freezes & crashes

I downloaded the new and improved app and it seemed to work ok at first, though I’m not yet used to the new interface. However for the last while, I can’t get it to stop from crashing. I open the app and it freezes almost immediately, then closes. Tried rebooting my iPad and reinstalling the app to no avail. Unless they fix this, it won’t be worth subscribing.

Freezes and crashes immediately

Not usable on my iPad. Tried closing other apps and rebooting, but continues to be unusable.

Not Your Best Effort

Swing and a miss here. Slow to load, locks up waiting for ads to load (one third of the time) and difficult to tell if an article is loading or if the system is locked up. Surely you can do better.


Constant crashing on iPad. Not ready for prime time.

Love the new app but …

It just started to freeze and crash on me today 😔

Huge improvement

This app is great. The search function and user experience has greatly improved.

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